NVIDIA Shield TV Pro will come with a Tegra X1+ chip along with a new controller

As of now, NVIDIA’s Shield TV is one of the best Android TV boxes on the market. The current version of NVIDIA Shield TV was launched back in 2017. Some rumours and leaks suggested that the company is now developing a new Shield TV. Now, according to an Amazon related website page, NVIDIA’s new Shield TV will bring a faster Tegra X1 + processor and new remote control. They also said that the company has named this device as Shield TV Pro.

In terms of appearance, Shield TV Pro is nothing but an upgraded version of the 2017 Shield TV. It has the same size, the same port, and the same optional stand. More or less, the lists of specifications are also matching. Shield TV Pro is powered by a 3 GB RAM and offers a storage option of 16 GB of flash like its predecessor.

It seems that in terms of hardware the two major improvements are the integration of new Tegra X1 + processor. They replace the standard X1 chip on older models and promises to runs 25% faster. The new processor will also support Nvidia’s so-called “AI upgrade”. The company promoted this update as “clearer, real time enhanced video, and 4K resolution.”

NVIDIA Shield TV Pro with controller
NVIDIA Shield TV Pro will come with a Tegra X1+ chip along with a new controller

In terms of design, Shield TV Pro will come with an interesting triangular design along with a new bundled remote. Other added features in terms of design are motion-activated backlit buttons, a built-in remote locator, and multiple buttons for media control.

Other added features include Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound support on the old Dolby Atmos.

The Amazon related webpage said that Nvidia Shield TV Pro is tagged with a price tag of US $ 199.99 (which is RMB 1415 approximately). They said that the device will be available for sale from 28th October onwards.