No more URLs in Google Search Results! Google is testing a new search design with favicons

A few months back, in the month of May, Google restructured its mobile Search results by adding a couple of new features like site favicons to each listing. It has been reported that now, Google is testing a similar design for the desktop Google Search that also removes URLs.

Back in May, Google also explained the flipped lines. They said that the flipped lines are going to help “anchor each result so you can more easily scan the page of results and decide what to explore next.”

With the new design, the first line of a Search result would recognize a particular website’s favicon and name. The path will be displayed next to it but instead of green, it will be black. A chevron ends the row. The chevron is linked to “Cached” and/or “Similar”. From now on, the page name will be displayed underneath. The rest of the result will remain as it was.

Google is testing a new design for Desktop Search Results with site favicons
Google is testing a new design for Desktop Search Results with site favicons

The new design displays the brand of the website from the front or from the center. It helps you to have a better understanding regarding where the information is coming from. Eventually, it also helps you understand better what pages have what you’re looking for.

It should be noted that the restructuring of Google Search results will benefit mobile users more than the desktop users because, on mobile, the search engine will start to display more content formats like podcasts and AMP Stories. This will intern allows more action buttons and previews.

As of now, the restructured Google search design has already been rolled out on the mobile web, Android, and iOS. According to the tech giant, the new design would soon make its way to desktops. It appears that the new design is more compact and allows for more links to be displayed on a screen.

What do you think about the upcoming Desktop Google Search design? No more URLs, gives easy surfing option that before? Can websites favicon can help us identify the genuine contents? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Image Courtesy: 9to5google