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ARM Cortex A77 SoC Geekbench result, scores 12151 in Multi-core test

Last year, ARM launched Cortex A76 and this year ARM launched the Cortex A77 in May as its successor. During the launch, ARM promised 23% and 35% performance boosts in integer and floating point performance respectively.

The microarchitecture will lay the base on next year’s flagship smartphones. It is reported that AMD’s Opteron 865 and Samsung’s Exynos 9830 will be based on A77 Design. Both the processors are expected to be integrated into next year’s smartphones. Now, we have the Geekbench score of ARM A77 SoC with us.

ARM A77 SoC Geekbench scores out
ARM A77 SoC Geekbench result

The latest reports suggest that ARM Cortex A77 SoC scored more than 12000 in the GeekBench multi-core test. It should be noted that the A13 run on Apple iPhone 11 series scored more than 13000. On the other hand, ARM Cortex A77 SoC scored more than 3400 in GeekBench single-core test.

Throughout, the frequency of the A77 core is estimated to be something around 2.3 GHz. It is expected that this SoC will be shipped from the end of the year and mass production will be available next year.

There is no doubt that the A13 powered Apple iPhone 11 is the fastest smartphone in the market. Incidentally, A13 came with a new design over its previous generation of flagship mobile processors.

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However, even though ARM’s Cortex A77 is way behind A13, it is true that they are giving a good competition to the A13. The Cortex A77 design comes with a handful of notable improvements and upgradations. It features wider instruction fetching, 10 stage execution latencies, and 12 execution ports along with other improvements over its predecessor.

Chinese social media network Weibo reported that the actual scores of Cortex A77 on GeekBench. The 5G processor with ARM’s Cortex A77 cores runs at 2.3 GHz frequency and scored 3447 points in the single-core test and 12151 points in the multi-core test.

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