WhatsApp to develop feature for ephemeral messages (self-destructing)
WhatsApp to develop feature for ephemeral messages (self-destructing)

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is going to work on ephemeral messages according to the famous WhatsApp tipster WABetaInfo. WhatsApp had started the work for disappearing text features in group chats. This feature is currently available in WhatsApp beta version v2.19.275.

The website states, “As the name suggests, any message eligible to be ‘disappeared’, will be automatically deleted from the chat!”

When the feature is rolled out in the user of the device will see a new option of “Disappearing Messages” under Group Settings. Users can set the time at which she wants to delete the message. At the moment only 5 seconds and one hour time intervals are seen.

WhatsApp to develop feature for ephemeral messages (self-destructing)
WhatsApp self destructing message update

The feature is in its alpha stage of development, claims the report. The alpha stage is the testing stage in which the users within the organization will only test the feature. It is not sure whether the disappearing message feature will be for group chat or personal chat. This feature will keep the conversation more private.

Snapchat started this feature of ephemeral messaging. It had soon spread to various apps like Telegram and Messenger. And now WhatsApp is also developing this feature. No doubt it is in demand in the market.

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