Tesla acquires DeepScale to cover its AI talent deficiency
Tesla acquires DeepScale to cover its AI talent deficiency

DeepScale an artificial intelligence startup has been acquired by Tesla. This acquisition will help Tesla in the creation of self-driving cars and robotaxis. DeepScale focuses on “Deep Neutral Network (DNN)” according to CNBC. DeepScale specializes in computer efficient deep learning systems which is one of the fields in which Tesla is working. Tesla has decided to build its own chip to power its self-driving software.

Forrest Iandola, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DeepScale said that he joined Tesla as a “senior staff machine learn scientist… I joined the Tesla #Autopilot team this week. I am looking forward to working with some of the brightest minds in #deeplearning and #autonomousdriving.”

Iandola and his new team is going to increase Tesla’s manpower in the field of AI. They will work under Andrej Karpatgy, Tesla’s head of AI and computer vision.

Tesla acquires DeepScale to cover its AI talent deficiency
Tesla acquires DeepScale Startup

A computer vision AI software called Carve 21 for vehicles has been built by DeepScale recently. The company said, “Carve 21 is purpose-built to scale to your perception needs whether enabling safety features or delivering autonomous driving functions.”

Tesla had been struggling to get success in hiring top AI talent. The Autopilot program has been in great demand in the market and so are the people who are well learned. Prime people are being taken by other companies who are also working in the Autopilot Program. Many employees like the engineers and executives of Tesla’s Autopilot have moved to companies like Google, Lyft, GM Cruise, Nvidia and many more.

Tesla has acquired at least five other companies like SolarCity in 2016, Maxwell Technologies earlier this year besides DeepScale.

The first version of the Autopilot software will be ready by next year according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It will be tested with a pilot until it is proved efficient and gets approval from the regulators.

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