Microsoft Surface Neo announced with Dual-Screens, Lakefield CPU and 360° hinges

As reported, yesterday, at its New York event, Microsoft announced Surface Neo. Surface Neo is a dual-screen laptop with 360° hinges.

More or less, everyone knew that Microsoft will exhibit a dual-screen laptop in the event but the company surprised everyone by launching a dual-screen handset along with the dual-screen laptop. The handset is none other than Surface Duo.

Surface Neo runs in a specially designed version of Windows 10 called Windows 10X. Unlike Microsoft’s previous attempts at a lite version of the Windows operating system, Windows 10X is capable to run not just Windows apps but also legacy programs. Surface Neo comes with two 9 inches displays and is powered by the Intel Lakefield processor and it weighs just 655 grams.

Microsoft Surface Neo announced with Dual-Screens, Lakefield CPU and 360° hinges
Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft stated that Surface Neo is still in development and it will be launched only in the next year. Microsoft integrated a new feature called “Spanning” that allows you to drag an already opened app from one screen to another and have it fill up both screens smoothly without any lags or jitters.

The laptop comes with a magnetic keyboard attached at the back of the device. You can also use the onscreen keyboard in the laptop mode. In laptop mode, the remaining visible display at the top is called a WonderBar which is nothing but Microsoft’s version of the MacBook’s TouchBar. It can hold multiple apps. The company disclosed that it is collaborating with Netflix and Spotify.

In reading mode, you will be able to hold it like a book and the screen displays separate pages of the book. Further, you can also stand it vertically. The laptop comes with Surface Slim Pen with the help of which you can write draw and paint on the screen.