Microsoft unveils dual-screen Surface Duo powered by Android OS

Forget the foldable smartphones! Yesterday, Microsoft at its New York event announced its new Android based smartphone named, Surface Duo. Surface Duo is a dual-screen smartphone with 360° hinges. Almost everyone expected that Microsoft will come up with a dual-screen laptop in the event but the company surprised everyone by launching this dual-screen handset along with it.

Surface Duo comes with two 5.6 inches displays bound by a 360° hinge. The hinge allows it to transform into an 8.3 inches tablet. You will be able to run two apps on each of the screens simultaneously in order to multitask efficiently. Other than this, you can also a screen as a virtual controller for playing games.

Microsoft unveils dual-screen Surface Duo powered by Android OS
Microsoft Surface Duo Smartphone

It should be noted that when unfolded, the Duo stretches to 8.3 inches which means it is bigger than the iPad Mini 5 that stretches to 7.9 inches. Moreover, because of the full 360 degrees hinge, the device comes with front to back glass without any cover to protect its screens.

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Microsoft Surface Duo is powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. The device runs on the Android operating system. The handset is expected to be launched in the next year. Microsoft has only disclosed Surface Duo will run on Android but has not mentioned the version of the Android.

Microsoft unveils dual-screen Surface Duo powered by Android OS
Microsoft Surface Duo

It seems that the company will integrate the latest Android version over the phone when it finally launches the handset. Experts are considering the version to be something that comes after Android 10. The company revealed that surface Duo will be compatible with all Android apps.

Interestingly, the handset has no camera at the back because the front-facing cameras will be able to double as rear cameras when folded backward.

So far, Microsoft has not revealed anything regarding the price. The device is still in development so Microsoft might add or change some features too. Do share your thoughts on Microsoft Surface Duo in the comment section below!