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Samsung launches New Air Purifiers, promising 99.7% dust particle absorption

Last Monday, Samsung Electronics announced the release of its new air purifiers that are specially made to provide clean air regardless of the conditions. In order to deliver fresh air, the new Samsung air purifiers merge innovative technology with modern aesthetics through a powerful filtration system. They are packed with easy to use and convenient features and smart technologies.

Recently, there has been increasing concern regarding breathing impure air that includes gases, dust, chemicals, and others. Samsung’s new purifiers answer those concerns with a cutting edge purification capability. Its purification capability includes a filtration system that guarantees that 99.97 % of dust particles will be absorbed.

The new units come with advanced sensors and a display that comprehends the detection system and provides users with precise air quality information. The gadgets come with Wi-Fi support which means users will be able to monitor their indoor air quality from literally anywhere. Moreover, users will also be able to control them through the SmartThings app.

Head of HVAC Solution Biz Group of Samsung Electronics, Wim Vangeenberghe said: “Samsung’s latest air purifiers have efficient airflow and outstanding purification system that consumers need. We are committed to the health and safety of consumers around the world, and our powerful purification systems fulfill that commitment.”

Now, let us take a look at the new Samsung air purifier models and describe their capabilities and key functions.

Samsung AX3000 

Samsung AX3000 comes with a number of features which enhances the convenience of the use user such as the Sleep Mode function optimizes operations and runs without making any noise.  The purifier comes with an intuitive 4 color Indicator that demonstrates real time air pollution levels. There are different sensors for indicating and capturing dust and gas.

Samsung Air Purifiers AX3000
Samsung Air Purifiers AX3000

Overall, the device is easy to operate. All you have to is simply open the rear door clean the washable Pre Filter and the 2 in 1 HEPA filtration system. Eventually, the 2 in 1 HEPA filtration system comes with an ultrafine dust filter and Activated Carbon Deodorization filter which blinks when it should be cleared.

Samsung AX7500

Samsung AX7500 comes with cool features. The Front Air Inflow draws in the air while the Dual Power Fan discharges the air using its 3 Way Air Flow after the purification. It is equipped with a numeric air quality display and a Laser PM sensors that monitors real time air quality and displays it in a 4 color Indicator.

Samsung AX9500 (Cube)

As the name suggests, Samsung AX9500 is designed in a cube shape. It is equipped with the company’s innovative Wind-Free technology that disperses clean air gently and quietly. The technology uses about 60000 micro holes with lower noise levels to do the cleaning. It features a Numeric EasyView Display and a Laser PM sensor.

Samsung launches New Air Purifiers Available World-Wide
Samsung AX9500 (Cube) Air Purifiers

The Numeric EasyView Display comes with 4 color indicators and shows up to PM1.0/2.5/10 size pollution along with overall air quality.  The sensor Laser PM monitors real-time air quality and is capable of identifying gaseous contaminants and particles smaller than 1.0㎛.

Samsung AX5500

Samsung AX5500 is powered by the Front Air Inflow technology that draws in the air easily. As soon as the purification gets completed, a Power Fan distributes clean air in multiple directions using it’s 3 Way Air Flow which allows the air to reach a wide area. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 467 cubic meters per hour.

Samsung launches New Air Purifiers Available World-Wide
Samsung Air Purifiers AX5500

Like other Samsung air purifiers, Samsung AX5500 also comes with a numeric air quality display and a Laser PM sensor. The Laser PM sensor monitors real time air quality and displays result in a 4 color Indicator. There are hidden wheels that can be used to move the unit easily whenever necessary.

Samsung AX3300

Samsung AX3300 is the IF Design Award winner. It comes with an intuitive design with round edges that blend seamlessly with their surroundings and ensures household safety.

Samsung launches New Air Purifiers Available World-Wide
Samsung AX3300 Air Purifiers

The gadget comes with dust and gas sensors that monitor air quality in real time and uses the information to optimize operation. All this is done automatically. It also features Air Sensing Light that covers the room with a soft and soothing light.

What do you think about the newly launched Samsung Air Purifiers? These are the Best Air Purifiers out there in the Market? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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