Reddit has revised its anti-harassment policy to curb abuse
Reddit has revised its anti-harassment policy to curb abuse

With a lot of abuse spreading on the internet, now Reddit has come up with a revised policy to curb it. A Reddit administrator has posted the new rules stating the “narrowness” of the old policy has decreased its effectiveness. The new rules are going to set the platform for a vigilant check on violations. The bystander can also report any violations of the rules according to the new law.

According to administrator Landoflobsters the earlier definition of harassment by Reddit is “systematic and/or continued” act that made people fear for their “real life” safety. The new rules describes harassment as, “anything that works to shut someone out of the conversation through intimidation or abuse, online or off,” which includes “menacing someone, directing abuse at a person or group, following them around the site, encouraging others to do any of these actions, or otherwise behaving in a way that would discourage a reasonable person from participating on Reddit.”

The new policy applies to everyone including the subreddits. Many subreddits have been banned by the implementation of the policy. One of the major forum for despiteful misogynist incel movement, Braincells is also banned. The forum has been in the news recently because the US army has got information that the members of the forum might target the film, Joker.

A spokesperson said, “We have made several updates to our site-wide policies against harassment. This includes explicitly prohibiting content or behavior that threatens, harasses, or bullies groups of people. Users and subreddits that engage in such behavior will be banned.”

Advanced machine learning tools will be used by Reddit to look into abuse reports. “We’re hoping today’s changes will help us better leverage human user reports,” writes Landoflobsters.

There was a swarm of questions by Reddit users. One of the users asks whether subreddit will also be banned that monitor hate groups. Another user posted that false alarm can be raised by trolls for blocking a person intentionally.


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