AMD Radeon RX 5500 GPU to be launched on 7th October

It seems that Videocardz has received confirmation of desktop counterparts of Radeon RX 5500M and RX5300M. Radeon RX 5500M will be announced on the 7th of October.

AMD is going to hold a press call today where it is expected they will reveal some interesting facts about their new Navi graphics cards. A few weeks ago, AMD demonstrated Radeon cards against the old Polaris series. The Radeon series features 22 Compute Units that translates to 1408 stream processors.

However, we know that the upcoming AMD Navi graphics unit is built on the 7nm architecture process, so these Radeon chips might come with a better clocking. It seems that NVIDIA is going to get some serious competition from AMD.

AMD Radeon RX 5500 GPU to be launched on 7th October
AMD Radeon RX 5500 GPU Release Date

According to WhyCry’s post, NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER and GTX 1650 Ti are going to be released on 29th October 29th  and these two graphics units are going to be NVIDIA’s answer to the AMD units.

AMD has not yet confirmed the date of release of its new Navi 14 graphics unit but analysts are considering that they will be launched well before the NVIDIA duo is released. AMD is yet to confirm the pricing but based on the company’s historical trend, it will be something around 179 US $.

AMD RX5500 will come with GDDR6 clocked at 14 Gbps. Videocardz is considering that the Radeon RX5500M will come in two variants: 4 GB and 8 GB and both of them will be limited by a 128-bit bus.

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As of now, NVIDIA is yet to shift to a sub 10nm architecture process which provides an excellent welcome opportunity to AMD in the market. AMD’s 7nm architecture powered Radeon RX 5500M is expected to out clock NVIDIA. The Radeon RX 5500M mobility graphics unit comes with 1408 cores and is based on the RDNA architecture.  It can boost t up to 1645 MHz.