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Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020 electric motorcycle arrives with a manual gearbox

Tacita has released 2020 update to its T-Cruise Urban electric motorcycle along with its pricing structure. Tacita an Italian based firm is known for its off-road racing electric motorcycles. The company has first time launched its new T-Cruise Urban electric motorcycle at AIMExpo show in Columbus, Ohio.

The T-Cruise have a completely electric driven. Along with this it also has a manual gearbox. The prototype of T-Cruise was unveiled by the company in 2017 at AIMExpo. The prototype released had a speed of 170 km/h and supported 27 kWh battery. After that the company was constantly working to furnish the vehicle for its mass production.

Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020 electric motorcycle launched with a manual gearbox
Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020 electric motorcycle

The manual gearbox can be offered in 2-5 speeds claims Tacita. A single-speed option is also available which would be a blessing for many e-moto riders who never had the experience to learn how to shift.

The company said, ”Why the speed gears? In order to have the best gear ratio for every situation, reducing the overheating of the engine and the consumption of electricity. In fact, the lower ratios allow the torque to increase so that the inrush current decreases. Meanwhile, thanks to the longer gears, you will be able to make the most of the engine maximum peak, removing every compromise and maintaining the maximum efficiency.”

Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020 electric motorcycle launched with a manual gearbox
Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020 motorcycle

T-Cruise Urban is incorporated with four different power options -11 kW(hp), 27 kW (hp), 34 kW (hp) and 44 kW (hp). It also has two separate battery sizes 9 kWh and 18 kWh. 44 kW, the most powerful model can only be paired with 18 kWh battery. For higher power motors, the battery had to be of larger capacity as it distributes the power draw across more battery cells. Rest of the models can use any battery.

Tacita claims that the 9 kWh battery pack is able to cover 113 km whereas 18 kWh battery coverd 220 km. The company has not yet uncovered the bike’s top speed. The tests done confers that the speed may be up to 90 km/h.

Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020
Tacita T-Cruise Urban 2020 Pricing

The Manufacturer’s suggested retail price starts at $13,1000. For the fully-loaded version, the price is $21,000.

Tacita’s cofounder Pierpaolo Rigo said, “With the Tacita T-Cruise Urban we have combined the best of two worlds. The American motorcycle heritage: made of timeless style, good torque at low rev, low seat, and feet-forward riding position in a distinguished machine with the Italian motorcycle culture; with sporty gearing and wheels, stiff tubular frame, contemporary suspensions, and brakes, with the plus of our second-generation full electric powertrain. This is the first production Tacita T-Cruise, which is inspired by the prototype we presented at AIMExpo in 2017 that includes all the customers’ suggestions we received during and after the show.”

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