HP Chromebook x360 launched with USI support
HP Chromebook x360 launched with USI support

Yesterday, HP unveiled Chromebook x360 laptops: Chromebook 12b and Chromebook 14b. AS the name suggests, Chromebook x360 12b is a 12 inches Chromebook whereas Chromebook x360 14b is a 14 inches Chromebook. The new device looks much thinner and lighter than the previous HP Chromebook laptops. Chromebook 12b ships with 1366 x 912 resolution, while the Chromebook 14b ships with 1366 x 768 resolution.

These two models are among the very first devices that come with USI (Universal Stylus Initiative) pen compatibility support. HP declared that the Chromebooks will be available for sale from September onwards. The 12 inches laptop comes with a price tag of US $ 359 while the 14 inches laptop comes with a price tag of US $ 379. HP will launch the Rechargeable USI Pen in November and it is tagged with a price tag of US $ 70.

HP Chromebook x360 launched with USI support
HP Chromebook x360 Laptop

This series of Chromebook has been dubbed by the company as “the best of Chrome and Android.” Both the devices come with a 360 degree hinge. They are powered by an Intel Celeron dual core N4000 processor, a 4 GB of RAM, and a 32 GB ROM.

The laptops have a magnetic pen dock on the side and they support both Type A and Type C USB ports. The company is also offering a one year free subscription of Google One with this Chromebook series.

With the purchase of a USI 1.0 stylus, from now on, users can not only just use it with other USI compatible devices manufactured by different manufacturers but also use it with those devices that come with multiple stylus support.

It should be noted that though HP is the first company to take advantage of it, Google itself has built the USI support of the Chrome OS. For more details, visit the official HP website. Do share your views on the new HP laptops in the comment section below!


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