Cloudflare's Warp VPN: A more secure and faster Mobile VPN at free of cost
Cloudflare’s Warp VPN: A more secure and faster Mobile VPN at free of cost

Free VPN add-on, called Warp is released by Cloudflare for its DNS resolver mobile app. The announcements about the VPN was made back in April. A paid version of Warp is also launched by the company which promises more speed and security. The new version will use Cloudflare’s Argo technology.

The mobile VPN tends to make mobile browsing more secure and faster. Being a VPN it also makes the internet traffic from the user’s phone more secure too. The VPN cannot be used to change the location. If the user wants to spoof his location he will have to use another VPN.

Cloudflare's Warp VPN: A more secure and faster Mobile VPN at free of cost
Cloudflare Warp Mobile VPN

The company claims that there are approximately 2 million people on Warp’s waitlist. Warp was supposed to be launched in July but the deadline got extended. “It turned out that building a next generation service to secure consumer mobile connections without slowing them down or burning battery was… harder than we originally thought,” writes CEO Matthew Prince in a blogpost.

There are no bandwidth limitations in the free version of Warp. Warp Plus price will vary by region. In the US the price of Warp Plus is .99 a month

Cloudflare claims that the users in the waitlist will get 10 GB of Warp Plus. It has not been verified by any user. Some commenters on Reddit and blogpost did not get the benefit yet. The company has advised the people who did not get 10 GB of data to send the bug report by hitting the insect icon on top of the screen. The waitlist number was associated with the device. If the user has switched phones, he may not be applicable to be in the waitlist.

Dane Knecht while describing the hurdles faced during Warp production said, “What’s really hard about mobile is you can switch between Wi-Fi and LTE and within Wi-Fi and your IP address changes… Normally your connection is tied to your IP, so if you change IPs or change networks you have to start all over again with what your device has been doing. Instead we abstracted away that reliance on a connection ID, so no matter if the device is traveling over LTE or Wi-Fi it all gets to the same place and the underlying connection can still continue.”

Cloudflare’s free Warp VPN now available for both iOS and Android platforms. Users can download and install the app from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store for free.

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