Windows 10 is getting closer to one billion hits, should reach in 2020

Microsoft is moving closer to one billion device mark for Windows 10. The company revealed on September 24 through a tweet that Windows 10 is now running in more than 900 million devices. Microsoft achieved 800 million milestones the previous year. The company claims that there have been more Windows 10 devices this year than in any earlier years since Windows 10 inception in 2015. Traditional PCs, tablets, laptops, and devices like HoloLens and XboxOne are included in this figure.

The increase in the number of Windows 10 has been slower than what Microsoft has early thought of but the figures coming out are impressive. Microsoft has hit 700 milestones of Windows 10 devices on September 2018 followed by 800 million in March 2019 and more than 900 million in September 2019. On popularity index, Windows 10 is more popular than Windows 7 indicating the shift on usage from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

This increase in the number of Windows 10 devices is clearly an indication that Microsoft will soon drop Windows 7 support by January 2020. Most businesses are moving towards Windows 10.

Microsoft has been planning to reach the one billion mark for Windows 10 within three years of its release. The company extended the timeline since they were not able to reach the milestone in the preferred time. It is believed that Windows 10 will reach the one billion goals within five years of its release.

If the growth of product increases in such an exponential manner, then it is no doubt that it will cross the one billion mark in the next six months.

To achieve the goal, Microsoft not only has to install the operating system on new devices but also on older devices which are using other versions of Windows. It has been a tough task for Microsoft since most of the IT companies have built their infrastructure on the older operating system, and they are not ready to make a change.