NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super will come with 14 GB/s GDDR6 memory
NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super will come with 14 GB/s GDDR6 memory

For quite a while, various reports are surfacing regarding AMD’s upcoming graphics cards Navi 14 and Navi 12. Both are scheduled to be launched by the next month. Experts are considering that AMD Navi 14 line up will offer an alternative option to NVIDIA’s graphics cards in the range of $300.

According to recent news, NVIDIA is preparing for its GTX 1660 Super as well. It seems that NVIDIA is looking to saturate the market by this device. According to reports, even if NVIDIA phases out GTX 1660, still RTX 2060, 2070 and 2080 will be available in the market. It is MyDrivers who is first to report that NVIDIA is working on a GTX 1660 Super.

As we already reported, NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti is also in the works. If this turns out to be true, then, NVIDIA manufactured GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1650Ti would directly compete with AMD’s offerings, Navi 12 and Navi 14 graphics cards that are set to launch in October. As of now, we only that GTX 1650Ti is going to come with the same architecture as that of GTX 1660 but offer GDDR6 memory.

NVIDIA GTX 1660 Super will come with 14 GB/s GDDR6 memory

It should be noted that apart from this, other specifications of both the NVIDIA’s graphics chips are more or less identical. GTX 1660 Super will use the TU116-300 die. Its other list of features includes 1408 CUDA cores, 80 TMUs, and 48 ROPs. The base and boost clock frequencies are yet to be disclosed but we can expect a small bump.

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So far, NVIDIA used to offer an 8 GB/s GDDR5 memory so indeed, this is a big booster. The new memory offered is GDDR6 at the rate of 14GB/s. Eventually, it surpasses even GTX 1660Ti’s expected memory. GTX 1660Ti is rumored to come with a GDDR6 memory clocked at 12 GB/s die.

Moreover, the new GPU will use a 192-bit bus interface and a total bandwidth of 336 GB/s.


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