Gmail dark theme is officially rolling out for Android and iOS

To enhance the Gmail experience, Google is making the Gmail dark theme look official for both Android and iOS. Gmail for Android’s dark theme came to market at the start of this month.

Gmail’s dark theme is a dark shade of gray rather than true black. The search field at the top is of lighter gray color, and the navigation drawer is also in shades of gray.

To add up more, Gmail gets its dark theme idea from Android 10, which was launched at the start of the month and iOS 13, which was released last week. The theme has the right color combination with various shades of gray.

The color for the sender, subject line, and time is in white color text, and the message body preview is in gray. A light version of gray color depicts the read emails. Labels, generic avatars, and other colors are made to be less bright. The profile picture remains unaffected in the dark theme.

The compose screen in the dark theme also has variations of a gray color. The body of an email has white text. Here’s we share a guide on using Gmail dark mode, and how to enable it on your device.

How to enable Gmail dark theme on Android

Gmail dark theme is officially rolling out for Android and iOS
Gmail dark theme is officially rolling out for Android and iOS

To enable the Gmail dark theme on Android 10, we have made a few tweaks in the settings. Users can manually select the dark mode on Gmail by going to Settings > Themes and select Dark. The Dark Theme will also be enabled in Android when the Battery Saver is on. 

How to enable Gmail Dark theme on iOS: 

For iOS 11 and iOS 12 user can set the dark theme by going to Settings > Dark Theme. On iOS 13 and Android when Dark Theme is enabled, Gmail will also automatically turn to the dark mode.

The feature has started rolling out today, September 24 but it may take more than 15 days before everyone has access to this brand new feature.

Dark themes have been quite popular among the user. It is being used a lot by browsers and social media sites. The Gmail dark theme is a step towards a more user-friendly product.

What do you think about the new Gmail dark theme update? Have you installed the Gmail dark mode already? Share your experience with us in the comments!