Xiaomi Mi TV Pro new leaks suggest 4K and Cortex A55 processor

A few days back, it was heard that Xiaomi TV Pro will come in two variants in terms of size: 55 inches and 65 inches. It was also leaked that the expansion of the panels should reach 8K. Now, Xiaomi 8K TV appeared only just before its expected launch.

Now, photos of the 55 inches Xiaomi TV Pro has been leaked online. Further, the leaked images also confirm the key specifications of the Xiaomi smart TV. So now, we are confirmed that the panel extension of Xiaomi Pro TV is going to come with 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

Xiaomi 8K Mi TV Pro appears ahead of official launch
Xiaomi 8K Mi TV Pro appears ahead of official launch

However, it should be noted that this is 4K and not 8K. Due to the previous rumors, some experts are still expecting 8K screens for the Xiaomi TV Pro but frankly, that’s something which is hard to believe! The leaked images also confirm that the Xiaomi smart TV, Mi TV Pro will be powered by a single crystal system based on Cortex A55 processor cores. Other key features include the latest version of Wi-Fi connectivity.

Xiaomi 8K Mi TV Pro appears ahead of official launch
Xiaomi 8K Mi TV Pro with 4K resolution

Tomorrow, Xiaomi will host a big event in China, where it is expected that the company will unveil 8K version of the Mi TV Pro along with its latest flagship device, Mi Mix Alpha Smartphone. Mi TV Pro is now available for pre-orders at the cost of a one time deposit of RMB 100 (approximately INR 1000). It is reported that once the device goes on sale, customers who pre-ordered will get a complimentary Xiaomi TV speaker worth RMB 399 (approximately INR 4000).

Another Xiaomi Mi TV pro leaked video suggest bezel-less design and metal frame,

Xiaomi 8K Mi TV Pro appears ahead of launch, suggest only 4K
Xiaomi 8K Mi TV Pro

It should be noted, as per news, Mi TV Pro is likely to be the first Xiaomi smart TV that is capable of 8K decoding. Some reports suggest that Huawei is also working on 8K smart TV. Experts believe that Xiaomi is likely to go ultra-premium in the segment as the company is already well known for delivering quality products at a cheap budget.