Facebook Group Stories 'no more' from September 26
Facebook Group Stories 'no more' from September 26

Group Stories feature on Facebook that allowed administrators and members who are a part of a group to post stories is going to be removed by the company on September 26, Facebook reported on Friday. The stories posted are in the form of photos and videos and it vanishes after 24 hours. Group stories can hold upto 25 stories or videos. The user’s in the group can also reply to the story. The feature was designed for casual sharing among the members.

The Group story feature has been available on Facebook since December. After shutting down the feature, existing group stories will be deleted and the user will not be able to post any new stories. Facebook users can post stories through their individual accounts.

Facebook Group Stories 'no more' from September 26
Facebook Group Stories shutdown from September 26

A Facebook spokesperson said that “We’re sunsetting group stories because we want to make sure that features in groups enable people to connect in fun and useful ways, and we’re always looking at ways to improve the overall experience for communities on Facebook.”

Some report says, there are more than 1.4 billion people on Facebook use groups every month. Facebook groups are a medium to connect with like-minded people and chat about common interests. The company did not provide any data about the number of people using the group story feature.

Just to remind, the company’s plan to shut it down after nine months suggests that it didn’t have a large audience. Do share your thoughts on Facebook Group Stories in the comment section below!


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