CTA announced 8K UHD Display Definition and Logo Program

Today, The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) along with its member companies announced the industry display definition and logo of 8K Ultra High Definition (UHD) TV officially. The 8K UHD TVs will be launched in 2020 only but the official announcement is made so early to help retailers and consumers identify products.

The logo and definition address the display’s resolution, digital inputs, HDR, upconversion and bit depth. All these are approved by CTA Video Division Board. Just to let you know, CTA Video Division Board includes the world’s leading television manufacturing companies, retailers and other technology companies. Within a few weeks, the CTA 8K Ultra HD logo license and certification agreement will be available. It is expected that the logo will be used from as early as 1st January onwards.

8K UHD Display Definition and Logo Program
8K UHD Display Logo

Back in 2014, CTA announced 4K UHD logo and this 8K UHD logo program is nothing but an extension over it.

President and CEO of The Consumer Technology Association, Gary Shapiro said “The Consumer Technology Association is home to video industry players across the ecosystem – from manufacturers to the content and entertainment sector – and we’re proud to convene such a diverse group of innovative companies to work together.”

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He further elaborated “This 8K Ultra HD definition is the product of our Video Division Board’s dedication and hard work. As a result, retailers and consumers will know products that carry the accompanying logo deliver 8K UHD quality and performance.”

8K Ultra HD TV requirements

  • Display Resolution: At least 33 million active pixels, with at least 7680 horizontally and 4320 vertically within a 16:9 viewable window, and specific measurement methodology in accordance with industry standards.
  • Digital Inputs: One or more HDMI inputs supporting resolution of 7680×4320 pixels; bit depth of 10-bits; frame rates of 24, 30 and 60 frames per second; HDR transfer functions and colorimetry as specified by ITU-R BT.2100; and HDCP v2.2 or equivalent content protection.
  • Up-conversion: Capability to upscale SD, HD and 4K video and display it at 8K UHD display resolution.
  • Bit Depth: Capability to receive 10-bit 8K images and render an image that shows responsiveness to changes to any of the 10 bits.

Some of the industry definition attributes that are to be put forward by CTA are Display Resolution, Digital Inputs, Up-conversion, and Bit Depth. The complete 8K UHD Display Characteristics definition is available at CTA.tech.

Manufacturers who are interested in this voluntary logo licensing program can directly enquire at Catrina Akers, CTA Technology & Standards. CTA’s latest report forecasts 8K UHD TV sales at U.S. sales to cross 175000 units.