SkinVision an AI-powered app could detect Skin Cancer with 95.1% accuracy
SkinVision an AI-powered app could detect Skin Cancer with 95.1% accuracy

SkinVision app claims to detect the most common forms of skin cancer. It is an Android and iOS app that allows the user to assess and track changes in the skin spots over time. The user has to submit a photo of their skin using their smartphone camera. After analyzing the image with Artificial Intelligence algorithm, the app delivers the risk assessment. There are three levels of risk described by the app: low, low with symptoms or high.

SkinVision introduces an integrated dermatology service as a preventive health medium that helps you stay on top of your skin health. The app looks for signs of skin cancer in the image provided by the user. They look for irregular spots, multiple colors, asymmetry, size, irregular patterns and uneven borders. If the results of the algorithm raise a concern then the user can visit a medical professional for advice.

Replacing doctors with machines is a long way process and even one cannot be sure about it. Artificial Intelligence can be used to a great extent to improve healthcare especially in case of skin cancer where early diagnosis is required. The development of applications like SkinVision could prove to be very beneficial in the coming time.

SkinVision an AI-powered app could detect Skin Cancer with 95.1% accuracy
SkinVision app could spot Skin Cancer with 95.1% accuracy

SkinVision the first CE marked skin cancer app has a sensitivity of 95.1% in detecting skin cancer claims an international group of researchers working with Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC) in the Netherlands.

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“Our service does not formally provide a diagnosis, but instead a risk assessment and recommendation,” SkinVision spokesperson Abigail Blackburn told Digital Trends. “We aim to relieve pressure on the health care system by helping direct individuals to a health care professional at the appropriate time. Literature shows that suspicious skin spots are one of the most common reasons patients visit a general practitioner, and a high percentage of these visits can indicate a benign lesion.”

“SkinVision hopes that the use of the app can reduce unnecessary visits, freeing up GPs to run their practice efficiently to see more patients. The cost for treatment of early-stage skin cancer is drastically different from late-stage skin cancer, which can require expensive treatment such as immunotherapy.”

Visit the official website to learn more and to download the SkinVision app.

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