Digi-Prex an Hyderabad based startup has raised $5.5M with WhatsApp
Digi-Prex an Hyderabad based startup has raised $5.5M with WhatsApp

Digi-Prex has raised $5.5M from Khosla Ventures, Vedanta Capital, Y Combinator, Quiet Capital, and SV Angel. The founder of Tinder, Justin Mateen also participated in the round, said Samarth Sindhi, the founder of Digi-Prex.

Digi-Prex just closed its seed round from a range of highly-influential VC firms. It is also one of the largest seed financing rounds for an Indian startup.

Digi-Prex was started seven months ago. It is an online subscription pharmacy based in Hyderabad, India. It caters to patients suffering from chronic disease. The prescription is shared by the patients through WhatsApp with Digi-Prex. The company delivers the medication to the patients on the recurring cycle. The app has garnered thousands of customers said Sindhi in an interview with TechCrunch.

Digi-Prex online subscription pharmacy
Digi-Prex online subscription pharmacy

The startup is directly involved with the medicine suppliers to cut the cost of purchase. It provides the medicines at a discounted price to the customers by cutting the prices of over the top counters.

An alum of Brown University, Sindhi has worked with a healthcare firm in the United States. Digi-Prex shares the margin of the profit with physicians and pharmacies. “Instead of trying to acquire customers online, we work with physicians and pharmacies to serve customers,” said Sindhi. The start-up is able to deliver medicines to people living at distant places.

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The startup will be expanding its business to 19 cities in India said Sindhi. Digi-Prex is working to make better physicians accessible to the patients so that they become more aware of the disease and get good treatment at an early stage.

Sindhi remembers, “When I returned to India, I was fascinated by how nobody was texting anymore. Everyone was doing everything on WhatsApp.” WhatsApp has a customer base of 400 million users in India. It is one of the greatest platforms to start a business in India.

To learn more about and to know more about the Digi-Prex, visit the official website. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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