Huawei Atlas 900 launched with the world’s fastest AI training cluster

Finally, Huawei talked about its future market strategy in the field of computing market at Huawei Connect 2019 Event and launched Atlas 900. Huawei claims that Atlas 900 is the world’s fastest AI training cluster which will help make AI more readily available for different field business innovation, astronomy, weather forecasting, autonomous driving, oil exploration, and scientific research.

Huawei Atlas 900 is powered by thousand Ascend processors. It takes only 59.8 seconds to train ResNet-50 which measuring AI training performance. This ResNet-50 clocking beats the previous world record by 10x faster speed. The tech giant made the device available on Huawei Cloud as a cluster service. This makes the handset more accessible across different industry customers.

Huawei Atlas 900 launched with world’s fastest AI training cluster
Huawei Atlas 900 launched

Cloud BU President of Huawei, Zheng Yelai pointed out that the industry-wide Automatic Intelligence technology is crossing the commercial chasm and becoming the key driver for reshaping how companies going digital. He eventually pointed these based on the tech giant’s own experience in over 500 projects across over 10 industries. According to this Chinese company, in the next five years, AI computing will account for more than 80 % of all computing power used around the world as statistical computing will become more mainstream.

Deputy Chairman of Huawei, Ken Hu commented that “The future of computing is a massive market worth more than two trillion US dollars. We’ll keep investing with a strategy that focuses on four key areas. We will push the boundaries of architecture, invest in processors for all scenarios, keep clear business boundaries, and build an open ecosystem.”

Some of Huawei’s strategy includes architecture innovation, generating investments from all scenarios, clearing business boundaries and building an open ecosystem. It should be noted that the tech giant has already launched Da Vinci architecture and it has a full line up of Kunpeng processors, Kirin processors, and Honghu processors.