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Google Maps helps find a missing man’s body found after 22 years

Technology has always been a man’s best friend. Though it has some perils, it is of great importance in our day to day life. Recently Google’s web mapping service, Google Map was able to locate the car with a body of a man who has been missing since November 1997. William Moldt, 40 years old used to live in Florida, United States went missing in November 1997. Google map was able to locate him in a pond.

Barry Fay a resident of Wellington, Florida called the police after a neighbor informed him about the car in the pond. The neighbor located the car behind his house through Google Maps. Fay didn’t believe his neighbor at first. He called a friend who likes to hover over the pond to confirm the news. After his friend confirmed about the car, Fay called the police. The police pulled out the vehicle from the pond. They found the skeleton of Moldt inside 1994 model of white Saturn SL.

Google Maps helps find a sunken car with a dead body after 22 years
Google Maps helps find a sunken car with a dead body after 22 years

“I called the former owner of my house and asked if she knew about this,” Fay told the Sun Sentinel. “She was shocked.”

The skeleton of Moldt was found in 3700 block of Moon Bay circle in Wellington which comes under housing development called the Great Isles. A cold case investigation agency, Charley Project claims that the area had been in construction in 1997 during Moldt’s disappearance.

Google Maps helps find a sunken car with a dead body after 22 years
Google Maps helps find a sunken car with a dead body after 22 years

“Upon arrival deputies confirmed there was a vehicle in the pond,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement posted to Facebook. “The vehicle’s exterior was heavily calcified and was obviously in the water for a significant amount of time. Upon removing the vehicle skeleton remains were found inside.”

“On September 10, 2019, the remains were positively identified as William Moldt, who was reported missing on November 8, 1997.”

The Charley project notes claim that the car was visible on Google maps since 2007. There is still suspense about what happened to Moldt. Moldt called his girlfriend that night at 9:30 pm to inform her that he was on his way from the night club. From that day no one heard from him.

“You can’t determine what happened that many years ago, what transpired,” a police spokesperson from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office told the BBC. “All we know is that he went missing off the face of the Earth, and now he’s been discovered.”

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