Frey Bike launched a new commuter style e-bike for mountain riding
Frey Bike launched a new commuter style e-bike for mountain riding

Two high-power and high-speed electric bicycles have been unveiled by Frey Bike on September 16, at Frey Bike’s headquarters in Jinhua, China. The move is towards high-end e-bikes with quite modest prices.

EX and CC models of the e-bikes were unveiled, which comes under the category of a high-end electric mountain bike and electric cross-country or commuter bike respectively. For rough trail riding and mountain climbing EX model is designed whereas for more relaxed, upright geometry and low standover height, the CC model is ideal. CC model is better suited for city and hybrid riding.

The CC and EX model will be available for sale from next two or three months. The prices are not unveiled by Frey Bike. The CC model is going to be equivalent to the price of current AM1000 model, said the company. The bike generally starts at $2,300 before shipping.

Frey Bike launched a new commuter style e-bike for mountain riding
Frey Bike

RockShox suspension is used by both the e-bikes. With 180 mm and 160 mm of suspension travel is offered by the EX model for front and rear respectively. The CC model offers 15 mm of suspension travel in both front and rear.

Both the bikes have the high power Bafang M620 mid-drive motor. The motor is well known as the Bafang Ultra Motor. Rated at 1,000 W continuous, it has peak power closer to 1,500 W to 1,600 W. With a torque of 160 Nm, it is 2 – 3x the torque of most Bosch, Brose or Shimano mid-drive motors. The Bafang ultra motors come with a hand throttle along with a standard pedal-assist, unlike another mid-drive motor.

The maximum speed of the two bikes is 50 m/h with the option to limit the speed and power levels according to the legal levels, quoted Frey Bike. A high capacity integrated battery is used in both models. 48 V and 672 Wh battery along with a 672 Wh battery in a downtube mounted pack is used by the EX model whereas 48 V and 816 Wh battery are used in the CC model.

Hydraulic disc brake is incorporated in both the models. The EX model has Magura brakes whereas CC model has Tektro Dorado brakes.

The CC model is Frey’s first commuter style e-bike. The company stated that after learning that most people are using their 1,000 W electric bike for street use, they decided to launch its first commuter style e-bike. For more details, visit the official website.


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