Traffic violation being monitored by drones in China
Traffic violation being monitored by drones in China

“The handsome young lad on the black electric scooter in dark green clothes and glasses-please put on your helmet!”. This voice alarmed the Chinese rider. The rider and other riders waiting at a red light looked around to find from where the voice is coming from. The order was given by a drone that is being operated by the Putian police department of China.

Weibo a Chinese microblogging site published the video of the incident. The video soon went viral. It reached 34 million views in just four hours. The Chinese news sources claim that there are two traffic drones in use by the department. The drones have helped the department to identify 2,184 traffic violations.


The drone is controlled by a team of 10 police officers. The drone could fly for a maximum time of 30 minutes. It can fly up to 50 meters above the target. It is integrated with a sound broadcasting system. These are used for identifying people violating traffic lights, spotting helmet fewer riders, finding vehicles without a number plate and vehicles driving in wrong lanes.

The Chinese people are worried about this new implementation of drones by the government. A Weibo user said, “Drones flying in the air, it’s hard to say if they’re able to capture what goes on through the windows of people’s homes.”

With the widespread use of drones, the privacy issue is the chief concern, China University of Political Science and Law professor Zhu Wei told The Beijing News.

It seems to be a legit reason for concern by the people since they will have no clue whether the drone passing by is a police drone or a third party’s drone.

Implementing new trends in law and enforcement has always been China’s domain. The law and enforcement department has little exposure to technology in other countries. Lately, Northern China has also used robot traffic police for patrolling.


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