Honda E electric car announced, price starts at $32,000

Honda has released its upcoming Honda E electric car, in Frankfurt Auto Show today. The starting price of the vehicle will be ~$32,000. Honda, the Japanese automaker says that Honda E is making its “first appearance in final mass production form.”

Katsushi Inoue, Chief Operating Officer (COO) and President, Honda Motor Europe, said, “Today, we take the next step towards our Electric Vision with the world premiere of the Honda E…A unique electric vehicle that only Honda could develop – a vehicle with outstanding dynamic performance and new levels of connectivity.”

Honda has been coming up with small city electric car prototypes for the European market since last year. The company claims to already have “over 40,000 expressions of interest” for the electric car. The vehicle will have 200 km range and it can be fast-charged up to 80% in 30 minutes.

Honda E electric car announced, price starts at $32,000
Honda E electric car

Meanwhile, the automaker announced the first official price in the market in Frankfurt Auto Show. According to Inoue statement, “Prices for Honda E will start from €29,470 in Germany (including local government subsidy) for the 100kW version, rising to €32,470 for the “Advance” grade that includes further specification and a motor output increased to 113kW.”

The Honda E car was supposed to arrive in 2019 as promised by Honda earlier. Now it is planned to be released in summer 2020. Honda made announcements about the products based on the energy field of electrification in Frankfurt.

Honda E electric car announced, price starts at $32,000
Honda E Car

At first, they introduced a new ‘Honda Power Charger”, a directional charging device to allow the vehicle to grid capability. The Honda Power Charger has a maximum output of 7.4kW (single-phase power supply) or 22kW (three-phase power supply). 

In addition they announced a new ‘Honda Power Manager’, which is basically a bidirectional charging device to enable the vehicle-to-grid capability.

“Honda Power Manager Prototype previews a bidirectional system that connects electric vehicles to a smart power grid. This “vehicle-to-grid” technology enables the collection and distribution of electricity between EVs and the grid to intelligently balance demand and supply of energy and make better use of renewable sources,” said Inoue.