Spotify offers new feature to share music on Snapchat
Spotify offers new feature to share music on Snapchat

Spotify has come up with a brand-new feature that allows the user to share tracks, artist profile, playlist and podcasts on Snapchat. The feature was already available on Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram. User can share music on Snapchat as a story or they can share it directly with their friends.

“As part of a new integration, all Spotify users who have the Snapchat app installed will be able to share your favorite tracks, playlists, albums, and podcasts right to Snapchat for sharing with friends directly or posting to your Story,” reported Spotify website.

Spotify Adds Snapchat Music Sharing Feature
Spotify Adds Snapchat Music Sharing Feature

For using the feature, the user has to tap on the three-dot share menu on the top right corner of the application interface and select Snapchat from the options available in the drop-down list. Snapchat will be opened automatically along with the track or podcast you want to share. User can also edit their snaps. The user at the receiving end could tap on the shared context card and listen to what the sending user has shared.

It is a great move for Spotify artists and their team to reach 186 million Snapchat users. Spotify wants to reach to the varying age group who uses Snapchat. The Snapchat users are teens and young adults 

Snapchat developer platform Snap Kit supports Spotify’s feature of sharing media through an application or website. Since the inception of Snap Kit in June 2018, 200 apps have been linked to it. The most striking feature of the Snap Kit is its privacy policy. It doesn’t allow the user to share their social graphs with any apps. 

There has been fierce competition in the market. Spotify expected 8.5 million users in Q2 2019 but ended up with 8 million. With Amazon Music and Apple Music coming in the market, Spotify is trying to get hold of its customers by delivering new user-friendly features. 

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