Samsung to add 55″ 8K QLED TV in its productfolio soon

At the IFA 2019 event, South Korean tech giant Samsung announced that 8K TV will come with a mainstream 55 inches option. The company expects to catch a bigger consumer base with this model. Samsung expects the sales of 8K TVs to increase from 215000 in 2019 to 2.8 million by 2020.

As per data revealed by Samsung, currently, about 80% of consumers use large-size TVs. Samsung is looking forward to introduce small size 8K TVs. So far we have seen large size 8K TVs only and we have heard that it is not easy to make the size smaller. Samsung’s announcement suggests that 8K TV technology has become more mature throughout the years.

Samsung to add 55" 8K QLED TV in its productfolio soon
Samsung 55″ 8K QLED TV

Now, let us take a look at the 55 inches devices. The 55 inches model used in the current mainstream market has already been equipped with the 8K resolution option which suggests that Samsung has already allowed 8K TV products to enter more consumer markets.

It should be noted that the 55 inches devices come with two constraints: price and space. Now, even if we consider that space is no more a constraint, the price will still be the key to influence consumers to decide whether to purchase an 8K TV or not.

It is reported that Samsung is currently working with Apple to build Apple TV function in its TVs. In the IFA 2019 event, the company announced that they will cooperate with CHILI, The Explorers, and MEGOGO to add audio and video content supporting 4K HDR10+ and 8K HDR10+ specifications in the future. CHILI, The Explorers, and MEGOGO are three major OTT streaming video service providers in Europe. The tech giant also announced that to make 8K TV application content richer they will work together with Amazon Prime Video Service and Lotte TV.

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