AI-powered PocketVision App launched by Huawei for visually challenged users

Honor a sub-brand of Huawei has launched a new application for visually challenged users. The application was launched in Internationale Finkausstellung (IFA) in Berlin. The application is named PocketVision and it is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Honor tweeted, “1.3 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. Our new AI-powered app #PocketVision allows then to read and text easily. “

AI powered app PocketVision launched by Huawei for visually challenged Users
AI powered app PocketVision launched by Huawei for visually challenged Users

Eyecoming, a Chinese company which provides solutions to visually impaired people has tied up with Honor for developing the app together. The app has three modes – Zoom in mode, Negative Image mode and a Text to speech mode. 

Zoom- In mode as the name suggests has the feature of enlarging the text or image for better visibility. It uses the quad cameras which is a feature of Honor 20 series. Zoom-in or zoom-out could be done using volume buttons. 

Negative- Image mode helps the user to change the contrast by choosing the filler color of their choice. It is a great feature for color blind people. 

Text to speech mode uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. In OCR the text is converted from an Image to speech. The camera captures the text and the user gets a speech output. 

George Zhao, President of Honor said in an event,Harnessing the power of the HONOR 20 PRO’s next-generation AI capabilities and pro-grade camera technology, PocketVision aims to level the playing field for the visually impaired, giving this community a portable, affordable solution to other reading aids on the market.”

Honor 20 series smartphones users can use  PocketVision. The app is not available on Google store. The chances of the app coming live on Google store is quite less.  The app relies on the hardware specific features of Honor devices. Honor users can download the app from Huawei’s App Gallery.