Google Pixel 4 leaked promo video reveals new camera modes & gesture controls

UPDATE: Video was removed from Youtube due to violation!

We’ve already seen lots of leaks and rumors on the upcoming Pixel 4. Today, ProAndroid a Spanish site shared a promo video of Pixel 4 and it seems like an official promo video. The leaked Google Pixel 4 promo video confirms and showcases lots of new features and that we been hearing for the last few weeks.

The promo of video of Pixel 4 and 4 XL device suggest that Google will be bringing the Pixel 4 device with two new modes. That will be the ‘Motion Mode’ and an improved version of Night sight mode named Astrophotography Mode. Along with that, the video confirms the rear square camera setup and the device will come in the coral color version too.

In addition, we can expect some improvements on Google Assistant feature that allows users to control the Google Photos with voice commands. Also, it shows a hand waving and controlling Youtube Music, confirms that air gesture control. 

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The video starts a question “What happens when the people who made, all of this, put everything they know into one of these?” It refers to various Google products and listed down one by one that – Google Maps, Youtube and Google Search. The video doesn’t have any background music or voice over!

Overall, the videos shared all the details we need to know about the Pixel 4 smartphone. Still, Google hasn’t confirmed about the launch event for the Pixel 4, it is expected to be hosted in the month of October.

Here, watch the video yourself and share the thoughts in the comment section below!