New patent suggests Apple glasses can be paired with iPhones

Back in 2017, Apple obtained a patent based on the augmented reality / virtual reality. The patent number was 8957835. However, at that time, the patent was made only to connect the iPhone to the head bracket in order to view the related information on the display. As per recent leaks and rumors, Apple has applied for another patent. It is being said that the patent number is 20190273815, which implies “Apple Glasses”.

The new patent suggests that in order to make the Apple glasses work efficiently it should be used in the iPhone.

A few days back, we discussed about the head-mounted augmented reality glasses product. This patent throws some light on the virtual reality-based head-mounted display system and also discusses about its operation method. It seems that users will have to insert their iPhone into a separate head-mounted device. This will make the whole device run efficiently.

New patent suggests Apple glasses will be integrated with iPhones
Patent of Apple Glasses will be integrated with iPhones

As soon as the iPhone is completely inserted into the separate head-mounted device, the communication between the iPhone and the virtual reality device gets implemented and related operations can be performed.

Last March, Guo Mingxi predicted that Apple will only unveil its smart glasses products in 2020. He also predicted that the company’s smart glass products will be driven by the iPhone. At that time, he estimated that the tech giant will start mass production of the smart glass, Apple Glasses from the fourth quarter of 2019 to the second quarter of 2020.

Guo Mingxi believed that this head-mounted display product can only play the role of image display because the iPhone itself will take care of the other tasks such as scene rendering, network connection, GPS positioning, and others.

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