Chinese deepfake app Zao goes viral, can cause privacy issues!
Chinese deepfake app Zao goes viral, can cause privacy issues!

A new app called Zao is the talk of the town in China, just like FaceApp. Deepfake, which is a technique used for human image synthesis based on artificial intelligence by algorithm synthesized coding. Though it was released in Friday i.e 30 August 2019, it became one of the most famous, viral and popped up app in all over china and it reached the top of the free charts on Chinese iOS App Store

ZAO is a Chinese application available for both Android and iOS platforms. Which replaces the face of the actors in movies by our face. Simply it can be called as mimicking of videos, and this app allows to embed our face with the actor which resembles the original expression of the corresponding actor in that film. Not only in films we can substitute our face, but also in many TV shows or series, etc.

Chinese deepfake app Zao goes viral, can cause privacy issues!
Zao Face App in China

A single selfie is enough for Zao app to replace the actor’s face in corresponding series or movies. It is one of the applications of artificial intelligence.

The technology that was used in Zao resembles what we had seen from the researchers at London’s Imperial College where a single photo can be turned into a singing portrait. The main difference here is that ZAO is inserting our likeness into an existing video, rather than animating a photo of ours directly.

Every app has both advantages and disadvantages in the same way ZAO Face App also has both advantages and disadvantages.

It helps the people to fulfill their dreams, in such a way that they can see themselves in series as well as in their favorite TV shows and it can be possible with the help of a single picture. The main problem that was raised after the ZAO came into Market, is privacy concern and it has perceived a great threat to user privacy.

Just to remind, whenever an internet service or an application is provided for free then it’s just to steal your personal data. So please be aware of it! What do you think about the controversial Zao App? Good to use? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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