Apex Legends’ “Wraith” themed Voidwalker event; New Challenges, More Loot

Although the battle royale has added a limited time solo mode last month, it could obviously be perceived that Apex Legends are not far behind to enrich emotion in their players even though they are decreasing daily. In spite of that, they are introducing new and different events within a small relaxation time.

This Wraith themed event called “Voidwalker Event” comes with “Armed and Dangerous” mode. This Voidwalker Event will start from September 3rd and it will run till September 17th.

This Voidwalker event is different from the previous one. Comes with many different modes, new items and different challenges. The official blog post mentioned “ introducing lots of awesome content including a new town takeover, a limited-time mode, challenges, and more.

Apex Legends' "Wraith" themed Voidwalker event; New Challenges, More Loots
Apex Legends Voidwalker event

So the new Apex Legend’s Voidwalker Event consists of new awesome contents that include,

Wraith town takeover Decayed project called “Wraith facility in Kings Canyon” generated by Syndicate Construction crews gives you loopholes to escape or an early jump in a tricky situation.

Armed and Dangerous Mode – It is a limited time brand new LTM. Here weapons are snipers and shotguns only and with less availability. In this either you could choose to have a close fight or a very far shoot fight. In addition, Free loot and new event challenges, Purchase shop and more to be listed.

According to reports, these new modes could take a permanent appearance in the game and customize our characters. Also, new cosmetic upgrades will be available for just $5, that’s quite impressive and the pricing is too low.

The event will be live for two weeks starting from 3rd September (tomorrow) till 17th September. Apex Legends fans, share your thoughts about the Voidwalker event in the comments!