PUBG Mobile Update 0.14.5 features leaked, expected to arrive on September 12

A recent video from Ghost gaming on Youtube leaked the latest version of PUBG mobile gaming which will set it’s a presence in September anytime soon. The most exciting game which took the gaming zone to other level is all ready to get it’s PUBG 0.14.5 version.

As per the leak, the PUBG Mobile update version 0.14.5 has exciting and new advancements to showcase us it includes new weapons, new modes, vehicle and more more. Let us have look at some:

Canted Side

Canted Side
PUBG Canted Side

It is rumored, the new special feature ‘Canted Side’ might arrive with this update. A special sight accessory which is incorporated with a secondary scope. This can be used by all weapons that use scope. With Canted Sight, players can switch scopes between two weapons.


A sub-machine gun wit a 9mm ammunition shooting range exclusive to Vikendi only will hopefully the replace the vector on the map. Though the firing rate will be less as compared to the one before, the MPK will have a larger magazine which would hold up to 30 bullets and 40 in the extended version.

New Survival Mode

There is a new survival mode wherein players will have to hunt for fire in order to stay alive. Players not to freeze on Vikendi region, if they do they die!

New Vehicles Addition


The game is reportedly adding 2 new vehicles to the game in the Vikendi mode namely: Zima and a Snow bike.

The new Zima is a replacement of UAZs 4×4. Zima is easier to drive on the snowy plains of Vikendi which will give a swift ride to the players but is a little slow. In addition, it has a higher durability level, which is the key to players s to stay safe and stride forward.

Another vehicle, the snowmobile which is the replacement of the motorbike. The snow bike has the same outlook and design as of the motorbike but has a minor replacement of tires with snow sleds which will be easier to ride on snow. With this ease it is also a little fragile and light, so can be smashed easily.

As mentioned above, the PUBG Mobile update 0.14.5 could arrive on 12th September. Share your thoughts about these expected PUBG Mobile Update in the comment section below!