Google Pixel smartphone production to drift from China to Vietnam

Google is reportedly shifting its Pixel smartphone production along with Google Home, to an old Nokia factory in Northern Vietnam. According to Nikkei Asian review, this was the same province where Samsung developed smartphones decade ago.

Days after Trump’s announcement to move out American based companies from China, Google weaved in through and made a jump to start over. According to reports, increasing labor cost and a trade war between Beijing-Washington added to the cause. The production will start this year itself as the company plans to shift 8-10 million of its production already. Interim, pixel 4 is still in production in China as of now.

Google’s Pixel smartphone production to drift from china to Vietnam - Report
Google’s Pixel smartphone production to move from China to Vietnam

With the successful launch of Google Pixel series though not in high demand gaining popularity has seen quite a track loads of difficulties, the latest Pixel 4 being leaked. With around 70% of Google Android users around the world, it is all set to leave behind LG-Sony reflectors’.

“Google is likely to keep some activities inside China. The U.S. company knows that if it is going to be serious about making hardware, it could never give up the massive Chinese market,” quoted by a source.

As of now, China being center for production for almost 95% tech companies, countries like Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand are on the list too. Apple may consider switching for the same.