Instagram currently developing a private messaging app, Threads
Instagram currently developing a private messaging app, Threads

According to reports, Facebook is currently working on a standalone companion messaging app for Instagram which will be known as Threads. The key specifications suggest that it is going to mimic lots of Snapchat’s popular features.

Facebook stated that the upcoming messaging app is specially designed to be used with your “close friends list” on Instagram. The app interface will allow users to share personal details like speed, location and battery life and media like a message, photo, and video.

It is worth a mention that Instagram declined to comment on anything regarding this app. Instagram started developing a messaging app, Direct since 2017 but back in May 2019, the company ceased further development of the app. Back then, the company officials stated that beta testers are not happy to switch between Instagram and Direct when for the sake of the only message. However, the company remained interested in offering new messaging experiences to its users.

Earlier this year, as a part of the consolidation and prized acquisition, a large number of Instagram employees who were working on building the messaging app were moved to Facebook.

Instagram currently developing a private messaging app, Threads
Instagram messaging app, Threads

The Verge reviewed some Thread screenshots and noted that the new messaging application will allow automatic sharing. They further pointed out that right now, the app will only display something like “on the move”, and not the exact real-time location but in near future, the app will regularly update your status and give your friends a real-time view of your personal information like speed and location.

As of now, the core of Threads app appears to be more or less like what Instagram offers now. It will display your friend’s messages in a central feed and a green dot will indicate whether the friend is currently online or not.

Moreover, you can view a story posted by your friend in Threads. The app will also have a camera option with which you can directly shoot photos and upload in the app or send it to your close friends.

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