Huawei launches Ascend 910 chip based on MindSpore AI computing framework
Huawei launches Ascend 910 chip based on MindSpore AI computing framework

Almost after a year of its development, Huawei Ascend 910 Artificial Intelligence chip is now made available for the market. Today, Huawei announced this chipset with MindSpore AI computing framework.

In the words of Huawei’s Rotating Chairman, Eric Xu: “Ascend 910 performs much better than we expected. Without a doubt, it has more computing power than any other AI processor in the world.”

As far as the power consumption is concerned, Huawei’s original specification for this Ascend 910 chip was projected at 350W but apparently, it consumes only 310W of power. We know that higher the power consumption, higher is the cost of cooling so this is very important.

The company claims this chip to be world’s fastest Ai processor ever. If this is true then this AI chip will put the tech giant on par with other industry giants like Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Microsoft.

Huawei launches Ascend 910 chip based on MindSpore AI computing framework
Huawei Ascend 910

As of now, it looks promising in terms of what is being offered but whether this chip will be the “best in the world” in terms of performance will depend upon counter actions taken by other companies like AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft, Qualcomm and others.

Qualcomm has entered the chipset industry very recently. Back in April this year, the company announced that its chipset dubbed Cloud A1 100 will be 50x powerful in terms of processing AI workloads than the chipset of its flagship mobile.

Nvidia has a clear lead over these companies, thanks to its graphics unit. Nvidia’s hard-core competitor, AMD has recently announced that they are working on 7nm chips. In a recent interview with Mint, Chief Technology Officer of AMD, Mark Papermaster said “Data centres today are limited by power. In the data centre and the cloud, you will see a doubling of performance with the same amount of power that you were spending before.”

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