Chinese graphics manufacturer allegedly making a GTX 1080 variant GPU of its own

It is reported that renowned Chinese graphics unit manufacturer Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics is allegedly going to develop Nvidia GTX 1080 graphics card dubbed as JM9271. Currently, Changsha Jingjia Microelectronics is at its pre-research stage of making the new GPU.

Overall, this Chinese GPU manufacturing company has been very consistent with high-performance products. The 2014 65nm Jingmei JM5400 GPUs has been considered robust enough to be used in the military aircraft display.

Jingjia Microelectronics is now accepting orders for its 28nm Jingmei JM7200 series GPUs. It is being said that as of now, the Jingmei JM7200 series graphics units are delivering performance on par with its competitor, Nvidia GeForce GT 640.

Chinese graphics manufacturer allegedly making a GTX 1080 variant GPU of its own
Jingjia JM9271 VS Nvidia GTX 1080

Interestingly, the Jingmei graphics unit consume much less power than that of the Nvidia graphics unit. The Nvidia GeForce unit consumes 50W power while the TDP, while the Jingmei counterpart consumes only 10W. This means the Chinese graphics unit is literally offering more or less the same level of performance with 1/5th power consumption!

It seems that very soon a big market of Nvidia and AMD graphics is going to dry up very soon within a few years. However, this will obviously depend upon the momentum at which Jingmei catches things up and delivers. It will depend on how fast Jingmei can bring its OpenGL-compatible GPUs in line. With China’s constant increase in domestic production that does not seem impossible.

The next generation Jingmei GPU, JM9 series is going to be a beast. Reports suggest that this series of graphics will come with HBM technology and PCIe 4.0 interface. Moreover, following the current trend of modern graphics units, it will come with a unified shader architecture with programmable computing modules.

However, the new Jingmei variant is not as powerful as its forebear. It is going to consume 200W power as opposed to the Nvidia variant which consumes 180W power but on a positive note, the Jingmei variant comes with a 28nm design while the Nvidia variant comes with 16nm design.

Via – Tomshardware & Techquila