Samsung patents a smartphone with multiple fold locations and wide hinge

It has been in rumors for quite a while that Samsung is currently working on a clamshell smartphone with a flexible screen. Today, a new patent of Samsung smartphone was posted on LetsGoDigital and the patent suggests the smartphone’s design and its functions.

USPTO published the latest patent on 8th August and the patent is dated 31st January this year. We expect it could be the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone.

It seems that the key innovation by Samsung over other clamshell designs available in the market is the extra-wide hinge i.e. the ruffled area in the image below. It indicates that the device comes with multiple fold locations located around the middle of the device. The device can also be folded both inwards and outwards. This will allow users to protect the device screen when it is in a pocket. Inward and outward folds also suggest that various degrees of overlaps are possible besides closing exactly 50/50%.

Samsung patents smartphone with multiple fold locations and wide hinge
Samsung patents a smartphone with multiple fold locations and wide hinge

Users will get more flexible options with these folds. For example, a large rear speaker can be used for playing a music video towards the end-user and similarly, the rear camera can be exposed to shoot selfies.

The smart hinge will automatically detect the way in which the device is being folded and to what degree and adjust the user interface accordingly.

LetsGoDigital points out that even though very few folding phones are ultimately reaching the market, patents have become increasingly sophisticated. This means that even if the technology is still in the lab, it is rapidly advancing to penetrate the market.

It is being said that currently Samsung is working on a variety of prototypes and designs and hopefully, we will be seeing some of them pretty soon. Experts are considering that we might see a handful of such devices being demonstrated to the market by the next year. Mobile World Congress 2020 is the date with high expectations.