OnePlus confirmed launch of OnePlus TV and revealed its logo
OnePlus confirmed launch of OnePlus TV and revealed its logo

Last September, OnePlus announced that the company is looking forward to penetrate the TV market very soon. Recently, after a series of reviews and commentaries, finally OnePlus revealed the name of its upcoming television, OnePlus TV.

A company representative confirmed the official name on the OnePlus Forum and said: “except for the name of their own brand, we believe that no other name can best represent our value, vision and pride.”

According to Bluetooth Technology Alliance, OnePlus TV will run on Android and it will use LED panels ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches. OnePlus claims that OnePlus TV will come with some extraordinary smart capabilities which will help it to deliver a smooth and connecting experience to its users.

OnePlus also revealed the logo of OnePlus TV. OnePlus founder and CEO, Liu Zuohu posted the images of same on his Twitter account and stated that the television design is “inspired by classical geometric progressions, which can be seen in many classic art forms, such as ancient Hindu symbols, mandala and famous ancient Greek temples.”

Describing the logo, the official blog of OnePlus further states that “The gap between the ‘+’ and the logo edge is twice as the one between the ‘+’ and the letter ‘T’, which is also twice as the one between ‘T’ and ‘V’.”

OnePlus confirmed launch of OnePlus TV and revealed its logo
OnePlus TV Logo

As per a press release by the company, “OnePlus is committed to the vision of a connected home environment. The company will continue to evolve the OnePlus TV, as well as the brand s other mobile devices, to develop innovations that make sense for its users to always create the best experience possible.

As per reports, OnePlus Smart TV might be launched in countries like India, US, and China, any time between 25th to 30th September this year.

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