Microsoft’s Windows Core OS will support UWP and Android applications

New rumors confirm that Microsoft is quietly working on its new Windows Core OS. The new Windows Core Operating System focused on compatibility and its rumored to power the Microsoft Surface PC and Dual-Screen devices.

Windows Core OS  (WCOS) – an open-source operating system based on the Windows Operating System that supports all devices including Android devices and foldable PCs. It’s an opensource system that allows the users customize as per their need with UWP and allow developers to build new applications that support majority platforms like smartphones, tablets, desktop, gaming console (Xbox) and more.

Launching of WCOS

As per the Forbes report, Microsoft’s collapsible Surface PC to run Code OS that comes with a codename – Centaurus. The device will support both Android and the Windows Core OS. Also, the new OS is developed to support Microsoft’s upcoming dual-screen devices that expected to unveiled in the first half of 2020.

Microsoft's Windows Core OS will support Android applications
Microsoft’s Windows Core OS

In addition, the new Windows Core OS got mentioned by a Microsoft Engineer through his LinkedIn profile. He mentioned that Microsoft Operating System team is developing a Windows Platform Apps (UWP) for Windows Core OS and for Windows platforms. He also mentioned about the WCOS will have File Explorer that gives better experience just like an Android smartphone.

Also, Microsoft got plans to bring a new Action Centre for WCOS to manage the pop-up notifications on the new OS. Overall, Microsoft’s Windows Core OS is real and it’s coming soon!

However, in 2018, a report mentioned about Andromeda project that will be dropped by Microsoft. Currently, Microsoft is working on a new OS that targets foldable devices or some low-budget notebooks. Even Microsoft may release two version – Windows Core OS (WCOS) and Windows Lite OS (WLOS). Still, nothing is officially confirmed!

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the new Windows Core OS! Also, share your thoughts in the comment section!