How a Tesla owner implanted Model 3 chip in her arm [Explained]
How a Tesla owner implanted Model 3 chip in her arm [Explained]

Recently, Amie DD, who comes from a programming and game simulation background released a video giving minute details about how she has bio hacked her body. It turns out that she is the owner of Tesla Model 3. Tesla Model 3 does not come with regular (physical) car keys. The car can be locked and unlocked with the help of a smartphone or a keycard or a car-shaped key fob.

Amie had an implantation years ago in her forearm which she uses to open her front door of the house and send the browser to her personal website. This time, she said that her initial idea was to update the Tesla software in her existing chip which failed. She then went on to have another implant for the Tesla chip.

She has told The Verge that the chip works fine but the range from her arm to the console which is about 25 mm is not that great and she expects it to get better with time. The thing is, there is a temporary swelling in her hand due to the implant.

In the video, she had guided others how she has done it. According to the video, Amie removed the Tesla Model 3 RFID chipset from the valet card with the help of acetone and then placed it into a biopolymer. Then it was injected in her left arm through a hollow needle. The whole thing is done under professional supervision. In fact, Amie also uploaded an image of her with her implant professional, Pineapple who have done the implant for her.

As an end note, along with the picture she wrote “This is Pineapple(that’s his name)! He is the one that installed my Tesla Model 3 implant! He was amazing, detailed, explained all the steps to me. His studio was clean and sanitized. I was so nervous leading up to this, and he made the process so amazing!! And we geeked out about 3DPrinting.”

In addition, she briefly explained the project and the process with technical terms of “How to Implant Model 3 chip in the arm”  at her Hackaday page. Watch a Tesla RFID chip get implanted into the owner’s arm,

Disclaimer: Please don’t try unless you have technical knowledge and awareness about what you doing! Just for knowledge purpose, we are sharing!

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