Tesla Model 3 owner turns her hand into a keycard by biohacking RFID chip

Recently, a Tesla owner, Amie DD’s video got viral all over the internet. She has bio hacked the Tesla Model 3 keycard into her body.

Tesla’s Model 3 can be locked and unlocked by a smartphone or a keycard or a car-shaped key fob and it does not come with a physical key. Amie DD, a software engineer figured out a way so that she can lock and unlock the car whenever she wants without a phone or a keycard. She has implanted the RFID tag from the keycard into her left forearm.

Amie is not new to biohacking. In the video, she confronted she already had a years-old implant and her original idea was to use the existing RFID implant chip to start her Model 3. This method didn’t work out because of Tesla’s strong security which made Amie opt for another implant.

She further said that several years ago, she had implanted an RFID tag in her arm with the help of which she used to send a smartphone’s browser to her personal website and open the front door of her home.

Tesla Model 3 owner turns her hand into a keycard by biohacking RFID chip
Tesla Model 3 biohacking RFID chip

While preordering Tesla Model 3, Amie realized that probably she could do the same with the keycard. Initially, she tried to transfer the software to her existing chip which failed so she extracted the card’s chip and implant it into her arm.

Amie does not show off the method of the chip implantation on the video but she clearly states that her arm was swollen right after the implantation.

As per reports, she has told The Verge through DM that the chip works perfectly fine but the range, which is about an inch (25 mm) from her arm to console is not that great. She explained that she believes that the condition will improve as and when the swelling goes down.

Do watch the video below to know more about it,