Today a new video uploaded by Xiaomishka on Twitter suggest a new Huawei smartphone with LCD display in-display fingerprint technology. So Huawei is planning to make a change with its innovation like other Chinese mobile manufacturers.

Back in 2018, it was like a war between Apple and Samsung, who will introduce the in-display fingerprint sensor but later Chinese smartphone maker Vivo opt that position by showcasing the world first smartphone in-display fingerprint scanner technology. So far in-display sensors have been limited and mostly used on AMOLED display.

The leaked video shows a demo of a new Huawei phone with an LCD display that supports in-display fingerprint scanner. The tweet also reveals the unlock speed which is 300ms which is quite faster other existing flagship devices. The video also reveals a Huawei phone with a pop-up front-facing camera, without any notch and covered with a rugged case. The tweet also says “This is an LCD Screen Fingerprint Technology based on the infrared camera solution”.

Leak shows Huawei smartphone with an LCD panel in-display fingerprint sensor

Huawei smartphone with an LCD panel in-display fingerprint sensor

We still don’t have any information on the device. It is rumored that phones with LCD screen will also be equipped with in-display fingerprint technology and they will debut in 2019. So Huawei is planning to launch this phone or just a prototype phone to test LCD in-display fingerprint sensor technology? Also, smartphones with LCD displays are bit outdated and people love to use AMOLED. If it’s an LCD smartphone, then surely it would be on budget segment smartphones and low-end models.

The mysterious prototype phone is just a big question? Share your thoughts in comments below! Let’s wait for the official confirmation!

Dixit Dhinakaran
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