Ninja Blevins apologize on behalf of Twitch after it streamed pornography

A few days ago streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced that he will be leaving Twitch and move on his career with another streaming platform, Mixer. For your info, Mixer is owned by none other than Microsoft. Moreover, within just five days, Blevins gained a million subscribers with this shift.

No sooner than had Blevins made his announcement than Twitch removed Blevins’ verification checkmark from its website. After this, last week, Twitch started promoting other channels in his former profile page. One such channel appears to stream pornography. Today, some screenshots of the pornography stream went viral on Twitter.

Ninja Blevins apologized on behalf of Twitch after it streamed pornography
Ninja Blevins Twitch

Blevins got disgusted with this and gave an open statement through a video post on Twitter where he says that the channel streaming porn had been bumped to the number one spot and apologized to users who might have seen it. During the time of writing this post, his profile page did not display other channels.

Blevins in his video stated that “It went incredibly smooth, super professional, but noticed in the last couple days that there have been some things going on that, you know, we let slide. They were kind of annoying little jabs we felt like, but it didn’t matter, we wanted to stay professional.”

After this, Emmett Shear, Twitch CEO apologized to Blevins for the incident in a series of Twitter tweets. The apology was extended by an explanation as well where Twitch CEO says that they were “experimenting with showing recommended content across Twitch, including on streamer’s pages that are offline” and they have suspended the recommendations. Shear further stated that the pornography streaming channel has been “permanently suspended” and they are investigating how this content got promoted.

One must note down that this is not the very first time that Twitch channels have streamed porn! Earlier this year, Twitch temporarily suspended new creators from streaming back after a group of trolls filled with pornography and other illegal content got viral.