Previously, UB+ E2 Bluetooth Speaker was launched on Wadiz which is a crowdfunding platform in Korea. However, it missed the goal of the minimum quantity for mass production so UB+E2 is upgraded with some more cool features and relaunched in Kickstarter. The new version of the UB+ E2 Spherical loudspeaker offers WS surround sound and is powered by Bluetooth 5.0, bass reflex system and Qualcomm chipset. The speaker weighs only .98kg and can produce powerful 95dB sound.

UB+ E2 Bluetooth Speaker relaunched on Kickstarter with TWS surround sound

UB+ E2 Bluetooth Speaker

THe UB+ E2 loudspeaker comes with a unique spherical design, masterful unibody craftsmanship, and sophisticated bass reflex system. It produces flawless audio, stereo imaging and sound staging conjured from a compact sphere. The sphere is only 10 inches in diameter. In order to enjoy angelic choir, you can carry this lightweight loudspeaker anywhere you want. There is a leather strap which makes it easier to carry. After the Eupho speaker is fully charged, it offers 30 hours of playback.

Alongside, the Eupho UB + E2 speaker can generate deep tones right up to 45Hz which otherwise could have been only achieved by a several times larger massive sealed box sound system. It’s quite a boom speaker!

UB+ E2 Bluetooth Speaker relaunched on Kickstarter with TWS surround sound

UB+ E2 Bluetooth Speaker

The makers of UB+ E2 have installed Helmholtz resonator and have also strategically placed a vent on the rear side of the driver. It simply enhances the bass system. The vent air is thirsted by the vibration of the driver which in turn causes resonation and increases the efficiency of UB+ E2 in a chain reaction. The best part is, the enhancement is done at low frequencies as compared to bigger closed box loudspeakers.

The UB+ E2 Bluetooth Speaker comes with several applications which allow you to switch on/off, controls volume and track, play and pause, select an input source, modify playing mode presets, and update. UB+ E2 supports all types of audio files including the high definition files like aptX, SBC, AAC, and aptX LL. Also, UB+ E2 comes with two exquisite sets of wooden legs that can be easily screwed on and off as optional accessories.

Talking about the availability and pricing, the UB+ E2 Wireless Speaker will cost around $99 and worldwide shipping starts from November 2019. To learn more about this product, visit the official Kickstarter website.

Key features of UB+ E2 Speaker

  • TWS surround sound
  • Bass Reflex System
  • 95dB ultimate sound
  • Only 0.98kg
  • Bluetooth 5.0 w
  • Qualcomm aptX, aptX LL
  • 2200mAh battery with 30 Hours Playback time

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