Google Search results start showing Podcast episodes

Last year, Google launched the Artificial Intelligence-powered personalized recommendation application, Podcast. From now on, Google Search will not only just display related content based information but it will also display related podcasts. The new Google Podcast search is a game-changer and makes the life task easier.

In this way, Google search engine users will be able to enjoy both information and podcast episodes through just one search. According to the official Google blog, as of now, Podcasts on Google Search is rolling out for people using English in the US.

Users will be able to search podcast episodes and watch them right away on their device irrespective of whether it is a smartphone or a PC. Moreover, the progression of podcast watch will be synced and updated everywhere. The best part is, in order to watch a podcast, we don’t have to use the term “podcast” every time we search for something on Google. Google will show us podcast episodes depending upon what is being talked in the podcast.

Google Search results starts showing Podcast Episodes
Google search results with Podcast Episodes

For an example, let us suppose that you want to check out some podcasts about GOT Season 8, then so far you had to search “GOT Season 8 podcast” in Google to get sufficient results. From now on, all you have to do is just search “GOT Season 8” and along with your content based search results, Google search results will also come with a podcast section which you can play and listen right away. More or less, this AI best technological up-gradation will benefit current news enthusiasts like sports lovers, investors, etc.

It is expected that Podcasts will come to Google Assistant and Google Podcasts within this year itself! All you have to do is ask the Google Assistant for podcasts about a particular topic and it will display you relevant episodes. Later on, Google will also allow publishers to specify where users can listen to their podcast like other applications.

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