Intel Quartz Canyon workstation NUCs to feature With Xeon E processor

In a recent document presentation, Russian website Softline leaked that Intel is planning to launch Quartz Canyon series workstation which will come with first NUCs of its kind that will allow users to add high-end GPUs. It will be equipped with a Xeon processor and with a discrete graphics card.

Intel Quartz Canyon workstation NUCs with replaceable GPUs leaked!
Intel Quartz Canyon workstation NUCs

In general, the NUC lineup of Intel features Small Form Factor (SFF) which allows users to add RAM and ROM configurations of choice. So far, NUCs have come with discrete GPUs which allows light gaming but overall gaming experience has been limited since users were not allowed to customize graphics card. This situation will change with the launch of Quartz Canyon workstation because Intel is looking forward to integrating an accessible PCI slot which will allow manual customization of GPU.

The key features of the workstation include 8-core Xeon E processor, Gen 9 Core i7 vPro CPU, dual Ethernet ports, dual Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB 3.1), Optane memory support, ECC memory support, Wi-Fi 6 AX200 interface, and an internal power supply of 500W.

It seems that Intel is targeting entry-level workstation for the manufacturing and financial industry where it will be used to create digital content, analyze manufacturing and financial data and process CAD.

As of now, there are no updates regarding pricing and availability of the workstation but according to the experts it might get launched towards the end of 2019.

Key features of Intel NUC Workstation Kit:

  • 8-core Intel Xeon E processor
  • 9th Generation Core i7 vPro CPU
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB 3.1)
  • Optane and ECC memory support
  • 4 Gb/s Wi-Fi 6 AX200 interface
  • 500W Internal Power Supply