Canon's new patent wireless charging for cameras & eye-controlled AF
Canon’s new patent wireless charging for cameras & eye-controlled AF

You might have seen that almost all of the companies around the world file patents. Now, these patents might be related to technology, health or any other department. However, there is a difference between filing a patent, getting the patent and then implementing the patent. While we are not going to discuss that, we have just been alerted that a new patent has been filed by Canon. Yes, Canon which is known prolifically for its cameras has just filed a camera-related patent.

The patent reveals that Canon is working on a technology which can wirelessly charge the cameras. While we have seen that wireless charging is seen frequently on smartphones in the premium range, this technology is nowhere to be found in other appliances. After smartphones, the most frequently used device might possibly be a camera followed by laptops. Therefore, it is great to see Canon looking to innovate in this department as well.

Canon wireless charging and eye-controlled AF patents
Canon wireless charging and eye-controlled AF patents

The other patent filing by Canon shows that the company is working on an autofocus system that works according to a human eye. If you have used a camera with manual focus, you might realize that it is a hit or miss when it comes to instant photography. Because the camera fails to focus on the object which we want it to focus on. This problem is not seen on smartphones as their autofocus is super fast in comparison.

Canon's new patent gives us a first look at wireless charging for cameras & eye-controlled AF
Canon wireless charging patent for cameras

Now, Canon’s filing reveals that you will be able to control the autofocus on your camera with just your eyes. Surprisingly, this technology is similar to the one used in Canon’s old film cameras called Eye-controlled focus. Regarding the wireless charging on cameras, Canon’s patent reveals that a charging mat will be able to connect to the camera’s body via NFC for charging.

While we mentioned that these patents might never come into action, there is a chance that they might as well. Because wireless charging is already available on smartphones while Eye-focus technology was used on old Canon cameras.

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