Google confirms its upcoming Pixel 4 series will have Face Unlock functionality

Back when Google preannounced the design of its Pixel 4 series, we knew something changed at Google. Now, a new teaser from Google confirms this development. At that time, people were sceptical as the company does not confirm any details about its Pixel lineup before launch. However, it did as the Google Pixel 4 design was already leaked. Now, the company has said that Face Unlocking will also be available on its Pixel 4 series.

Now, there are two interesting points we need to remember before talking about Pixel 4’s Face Unlock. First of all, this shows that the Pixel 4 design confirmation from Google was real. Also, we now have a new PR strategy from Google related to its Pixel products which is likely to create some buzz around its products before launch.

Coming back to Pixel 4’s Face Scanning, we know that this is not a groundbreaking feature by any means. Almost all of the smartphones now have a Face Unlock feature and Google will have it soon as well. Apart from that, we get the confirmation that Pixel 4 will have Project Soli components. As previously announced by Google, Project Soli chip uses radar to detect hand gestures near the phone. This means that air gestures are coming to Google Pixel 4.

Apart from that, Pixel 4 will not have a physical fingerprint scanner nor an in-display one says Google. Google also took a small dig at Apple by confirming that Google Pixel 4’s Face Unlock will work even when the phone is upside down. This is currently not possible on any of the iPhones while it is possible on iPad Pro.

Google also claims that the Face Unlock on Pixel 4 can be used for “secure payments and app authentication too.” The company also confirmed that Pixel 4’s Face Unlock data will be stored on a secure chip locally and won’t be shared with other Google services.